American Association for Respiratory Care


Closing Ceremony

Bob Eubanks
Bob Eubanks

Don’t miss out on the first-ever AARC Closing Ceremony. Emmy Award-winning TV host Bob Eubanks from “The Newlywed Game” will share his experiences from his hit TV game show on how he became a better communicator and expert in human relations. This inspiring, motivational and entertaining message will allow Congress attendees to better craft their skill in patient education and disease management. Gain a better understanding of how to reach the soul of your patients and understand what it takes to get them to open up, to be honest and transparent in their communications with you. Not only will Eubanks’ message entertain and educate, but his use of outtakes from “The Newlywed Game” will keep it fresh and comical. This event will be the ultimate close to the premier respiratory education meeting in the world.

And, if that’s not enough, Eubanks will keep attendees riveted to their seats by hosting a live, on-stage takeoff to his famous gameshow called “Workmates.” Whether you’re lucky enough to be an on-stage contestant or not, Eubanks will keep you laughing as co-workers get the chance to prove (or disprove) how much they really know about their colleague.

But how could it be a true game show if someone in the audience didn’t have a chance to win money…big money? At the culmination of his presentation, Eubanks will bring one lucky attendee up on stage to compete in “America’s Greatest Gameshow Challenge” and a chance to win $100,000! AARC Congress 2013 could be life-changing in more ways than one. Be sure not to miss out!