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“Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.”— Steve Jobs

In 1955 the first ever annual meeting of the American Association for Inhalation Therapy was held in Chicago, IL. Attendance for this historic event numbered fewer than 30 oxygen orderlies who descended upon Hotel St. Clair with a vision of a bright future.

Sixty one years later, our profession has evolved from one of oxygen tanks and medical gases to one of scientific inquiry, research and technological advancements. Just as in 1955, so too do we have an opportunity to influence the future of our profession at AARC Congress 2015.

The world of healthcare delivery is changing all around us. While the roots of our profession will forever be emblazoned into our DNA, we too must look for new ways to add meaningful benefit to our patients, from disease educators and case managers to clinical consultants and physician extenders. 

Your attendance could not be more important to the future of our profession. It starts right here — right now…at AARC Congress 2015. Thanks for attending!