Closing Ceremony

Amy Van Dyken

Amy Van Dyken is one of the most decorated female Olympic swimmers in United States history. Amy is a former world record-holder and 6-time Olympic gold medalist. She’s a survivor of a near fatal ATV accident in 2014 that severed her spinal cord and she inspires people around the globe with her positive attitude and engaging personality. To this day, Amy attributes her ability to control her asthma as one of her life’s greatest accomplishments.

Attend the AARC Closing Ceremony as Amy shares her story of living as a child with asthma and how the recommendations of her pediatric pulmonologist led her on a path to Olympic stardom. She will also discuss the role of the respiratory therapist in her care and the role they played in allowing her to better manage her asthma.

Amy will also share insights of her Olympic journey and share some of her favorite stories. In conclusion, Amy will discuss her near death experience when she severed her spinal cord last summer. Like everything in her life, Amy will discuss how she overcame what was likely the darkest moment of her life and turned it into triumph. Attendees will leave the Closing Ceremony feeling inspired, knowing that anything is possible with the right mindset!