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Attendees jump start learning with pre-course attendance

While most Congress attendees are just now arriving in Tampa, a number of folks are already here and learning more about specific areas of care through these three pre-courses going on today —

With the barriers between health care settings quickly disappearing, Management of Chronic Hypoxemia Across the Continuum of Care is offering a great overview of oxygen delivery systems and how they can be provided in a more patient-centric, collaborative care model that will enhance the management and monitoring of patients who require home oxygen.

Mechanical ventilation is a core competency for RTs, but adult therapists and pediatric therapists often have different perspectives on the modality. Adult and Pediatric Mechanical Ventilation is bringing these two groups of clinicians together during a morning session to learn from one another about what works and what doesn’t before dividing up into separate tracks in the afternoon.

Adding value to your department via the adoption of non-traditional skills is vital in this era of health care reform. Attendees at Vascular Access: Developing an Arterial Catheter Insertion Program are hearing from the experts about what it takes to bring this service under the respiratory care umbrella and train respiratory therapists in these skills.

All of the Congress pre-courses are approved for CRCE.

Share a meal, learn even more

A variety of RC companies are sponsoring breakfast and lunch symposia throughout the week.


Medtronic: “The Link Between Sedation and Asynchrony,” 6:30–8:10 am, Grand Ballroom, Salons A-B-C-D

Sentec: “Noninvasive Monitoring of Gas Exchange: Preemies to Senior Citizens,” 6:30–8:15 am, Grand Ballroom, Salons G-H-I-J.


Masimo: “Supporting Safety: Continuous Monitoring of Non-Critical Care Patients,” 7–8 am, Grand Ballroom, Salons A-B-C-D

Mylan Pharmaceuticals: “A Nebulized Long-Acting Beta2-Agonist for the Maintenance Treatment of COPD: Who, When, and Why?” 7:15–8:15 am, Grand Ballroom, Salons G-H-I-J

Mallinckrodt: “Impact of IPV Device Safety on Institutional Risk and Quality. What Does It Mean for the RT?” 12:35–1:35 pm, Grand Ballroom, Salons A-B-C-D


MAQUET: “Using Physiology to Personalize Mechanical Ventilation,” 6–8 am, Grand Ballroom, Salons A-B-C-D

Medtronic: “Respiratory Compromise: Common, Costly, Deadly and Preventable”, 6:30–8:15 am, Grand Ballroom, Salons G-H-I-J

Boehringer Ingelheim: “The Role of Respiratory Care in Managing Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, 12:35–1:35 pm, Grand Ballroom, Salons A-B-C-D

There’s an app for this!

The easiest way to keep up with everything that’ll be going on this week in Tampa is to download the AARC Mobile event app from the App Store or Android Market. You’ll be able to keep track of the lectures you want to attend, plan out the booths you want to visit, and much, much more.

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