Keynote Address

Patrick Reynolds

Tobacco Wars—The Battle for a Smoke-free Society

Patrick Reynolds is a grandson of the tobacco company founder, R.J. Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds spoke out publicly against the tobacco industry before Congress in 1986 after the family’s brands killed his father and eldest brother. Since then, he has campaigned against smoking and tobacco use, FDA regulation of e-cigarettes, and for State tobacco prevention and cessation programs.

Mr. Reynolds keynoted the AARC’s Congress in New Orleans in 1990. After 25 years, he is returning to celebrate our wins at reducing tobacco use. He’ll outline the progress we’ve made, and discuss the vital work remaining to be done. He’ll tell his very personal story of crossing over to the other side, and discuss what it was like growing up inside the RJ Reynolds tobacco family.

His impassioned keynote will also address tobacco cessation therapies and will remind respiratory therapists of their power to make a difference when they intervene with patients who continue to smoke. He’ll offer an overview of tobacco control in the US today, and outline the policies which have been proven to significantly reduce smoking rates among youth and adults.

Mr. Reynolds will discuss the stunning rise of chewing tobacco and e-cigarette use among our young, and what can be done now. He’ll close his keynote with a promise that, “A society free of tobacco is coming. It’s coming because of you.”

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