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Contact: Kris Kuykendall

Bruce K. Rubin

(Irving, TX—May 8, 2014) Bruce K. Rubin, MEngr, MD, MBA, FRCPC, FAARC, is the Jessie Ball duPont Distinguished Professor and Chair of Pediatrics and Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Medicine in Richmond, and Physician-in-chief of the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU.

In addition to conducting cutting edge research on mucus in cystic fibrosis, the causes of plastic bronchitis, immunomodulation, and the role of ciliated cells in the release of mucin, Dr. Rubin is the author a well-known study showing that placing Vicks VapoRub in the noses of infants can increase mucus secretion. The finding has helped to prevent hospitalizations and unnecessary therapy in sick infants around the world.

Prior to joining the faculty at VCU, Dr. Rubin held academic appointments at Queen’s University at Kingston and the University of Alberta in Canada, St. Louis University School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO, and Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, NC.

He has received numerous awards for his work, including the Du Pont Critical Care Research Award in 1990, International Congress of Pediatric Pulmonology Prix Extraordinaire in 2008, Forrest M. Bird Lifetime Scientific Achievement Award in 2008, and Jimmy A. Young Medal in 2012.