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National Organization Honors New Group of Fellows

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Dallas, TX (December 17, 2012) - The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC), a 52,000-member national association for respiratory therapists, has bestowed the designation of Fellow of the American Association for Respiratory Care, or FAARC, on 32 leading respiratory therapists from across the country.

AARC members who earn this designation have excelled in some aspect of the respiratory care profession, from clinical care to education to management to research, and more. “These are individuals who have helped create a strong profession with a strong tradition of excellence in patient care,” said Patrick Dunne, RRT, FAARC, the Fellowship chairman who presented the awards.

These exceptional professionals include:

Lonny J. Ashworth, MEd, RRT—Boise, ID
Ellen A. Becker, PhD, RRT-NPS, RPFT, AE-C—Chicago, IL
Celeste Belyea, RRT, RN, AE-C, CPFT—Ormondo Beach, FL
Louis J. Boitano, RRT, RPFT—Renton, WA
Ronda Zinser Bradley, MS, RRT—St. Louis, MO
Joel M. Brown II, RRT—Oxford, PA
Thomas J. Cahill, RRT-NPS, EMT-P—Erlanger, KY
Larry H. Conway, RRT—Capitol Heights, MD
Michael P. Czervinske, RRT-NPS—Kansas City, MO
Robert R. Demers, RRT—Nashua, NH
Marie A. Fenske, EdD, RRT—Phoenix, AZ
Debra J. Fox, MBA, RRT-NPS—Wichita, KS
Douglas S. Gardenhire, EdD, RRT-NPS—Kennesaw, GA
James E. Ginda, MA, RRT, AE-C, CHES—Coventry, RI
Lee Guion, MA, RRT—San Francisco, CA
Brent D. Kenney, BSRT, RRT, RCP—Springfield, MO
Debbie Koehl, MS, RRT-NPS, AE-C—Indianapolis, IN
Douglas S. Laher, MBA, RRT—Keller, TX
David C. Lain, RRT, RCP, FCCP—Easton, MD
Thomas R. Lamphere, RRT, RPFT—Sellersville, PA
Jim Lanoha, RRT—Ventress, LA
Hui-Ling Lin, MS, RRT, RN—Chang-Haw, Taiwan
Gary L. Lynch, RRT—Henderson, NV
Robert W. Messenger, RRT, CPFT, RCP—Lakewood, OH
Timothy R. Myers, MBA, RRT-NPS—Avon, OH
Peter J. Papadakos, MD, FCCP, FCCM—Pittsford, NY
Jan Phillips-Clar, RRT, RCP—La Jolla, CA
William C. Pruitt, MBA, RRT, CPFT, AE-C—Daphne, AL
Dario Rodriquez, Jr., RRT—Union, KY
Bruce Toben, RRT-NPS, CPFT—Bensalem, PA
Sheri L. Tooley, BSRT, RRT-NPS, CPFT—Mendon, NY
Margaret L. Trumpp, MEd, RRT, AE-C—Wichita, KS

Respiratory therapists are specialized health care providers who work closely with physicians to take care of people with lung conditions such as asthma and COPD. They work throughout the acute care hospital on the general floors, in the emergency department, and in the intensive care units, and are also employed in sleep centers, physician offices, outpatient clinics, pulmonary rehabilitation programs, skilled nursing facilities, and in patients’ homes.


RRT stands for Registered Respiratory Therapist
RRT-NPS stands for Registered Respiratory Therapist-Neonatal Pediatric Specialist
AE-C stands for Asthma Educator-Certified
RPFT stands for Registered Pulmonary Function Technologist
CPFT stands for Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist

About the AARC

The American Association for Respiratory Care is a 52,000-member association of respiratory care professionals. The organization is dedicated to encouraging and promoting professional excellence, advancing the science of respiratory care, and serving as an advocate for patients, their families and the public.

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