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Sleep & Wellness 2014 Conference announced

Contact: Timothy Myers, MBA, RRT-NPS, FAARC

Irving, TX. August 28, 2013.

The American Sleep & Breathing Academy (ASBA) has announced "Sleep & Wellness 2014: A Conference for Professionals." The conference will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona, on May 1-3, 2014. With its multidisciplinary approach to sleep medicine education, this conference will be the first of its kind. The event will be geared toward physicians, dentists, physician's assistants, nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists and sleep technicians. Continuing Medical and Dental Education will be awarded at this event. Sleep experts and physicians will teach about narcolepsy, insomnia, pediatrics, and obstructive sleep apnea. The conference will include a three-hour session dedicated to healthy daytime living to optimize sleep, with an emphasis on community awareness and patient education. Professional athletes and celebrity nutritionists will lead this session in conjunction with top sleep specialists from around the country; afterward, a recording of the session's proceedings will be available to the public.

The American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC) will be in collaboration with the ASBA at this conference to assist the Academy in its mission to improve patient care through clinical and continuing education. The Academy supports the AARC in its commitment to provide quality sleep disorder education for respiratory therapists and credentialed sleep technologists. . The technical portion of this conference will provide approved Continuing Education to respiratory therapists and technicians through the AARC and the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT), the leading national testing agency for sleep technicians.

"Respiratory Therapists have a 50-year history of providing cutting-edge evaluation, treatment and education to patients with sleep disordered breathing, the ability to collaboration with multidisciplinary team to improve the care of patients with sleep disordered breathing is a key part of our mission" said AARC President George Gaebler, MSEd, RRT, FAARC. Syed Nabi, M.D., and Steve Carstensen, D.D.S, both serve as ASBA Education Board Directors. Dr. Nabi said of the event, "It is our intent to deliver essential health information to our professional members and to the public in a straightforward and pleasing way. To the best of my knowledge, there is no other conference in the marketplace that deals with this topic in the same manner we do. I hope that sleep professionals and the public at large will take advantage of the potentially life-changing information available through our Sleep & Wellness program."

Professionals can register for the conference at www.americansleepandbreathingacademy.com.


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About the American Sleep & Breathing Academy
The American Sleep & Breathing Academy is an educational institution for sleep disorders. The organization serves the community at large and educates sleep technicians and other medical professionals in the field of sleep disorders. In addition to organizing and hosting wellness events such as the 2014 conference, the Academy publishes a quarterly publication, Sleep & Wellness Magazine, which can be ordered through the company website, www.sleepandwellness.net.