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Since 1947, the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) has been committed to enhancing your professionalism as a respiratory care practitioner, improving your performance on the job, and helping you broaden the scope of knowledge essential to your success. With more than 50,000 members nationwide, the AARC is the only professional society for respiratory therapists in hospitals and with home care companies, managers of respiratory and cardiopulmonary services, and educators who provide respiratory care training.

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Is AARC Right for You?
Our video explains some of the ways AARC can support you and help you be a better respiratory therapist.
Join or Renew
Becoming a member is as easy as filling out a quick online application.
Benefits and Services
Learn more about the benefits of being a member of the AARC.
Member Savings Calculator
See how much AARC membership saves you.
Address Change
AARC members can update addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses online.
Membership Classifications
Learn more about levels of AARC membership.
New Members
New members of the AARC.
Student Center
Students can get connected with the best benefits and services for them.
Goals and Objectives
The AARC’s Goals and Objectives for 2013/14.
Policy and Procedures Manual
A listing of the Association’s policies and procedures.
Contact the AARC
How to contact the AARC Executive office.
AARC Officiary
AARC members can access the contact information of elected and appointed leaders with the AARC online officiary.
AARC Fellowship Program
AARC Members who have reached a level of distinction in the professional practice of respiratory care may be eligible for induction into the AARC Fellowship Program.
About the AARC
A brief overview of the AARC today.
The AARC Timeline & History
A look back at the 50-year history of the AARC and the profession.
Leadership Algorithm
If you want to get involved in AARC activities and serve on committees, this algorithm provides you with an avenue to involvement. 15K Acrobat file.
Strategic Plan of the AARC
A copy of the AARC's strategic plan.
The AARC and its affiliates each have bylaws that govern their activities. The bylaws for the AARC and several of its chartered affiliates are presented here for your reference.
AARC Awards and Honors
This is a list of the individuals who have received Life Membership, Honorary Membership, the Jimmy A. Young medal, Zenith Award or are past presidents of the AARC.