Campaign Headquarters

AARC is hosting a year-long Active membership campaign—
and we will celebrate success all year long!

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Let’s Build Together

We want to grow AARC Active membership! More members mean more opportunities for us to deliver better education, better management tools, and better communication and information resources for everyone. More members allow us to lead change on a national and state level for better patient care through advocacy and education.

You can win!

What’s even better is that there are great opportunities for you when you join or renew. In each three-month cycle, we will award a prize to a random renewing member and new member at the Active level.*

Nov. 1, 2012–Jan. 31, 2013
Feb. 1, 2013–Apr. 30, 2013
May 1, 2013–July 31, 2013
Aug. 1, 2013–Oct. 31, 2013

Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle

Renewing Active members

Pay during the defined period and you could win an iPad.

New Active members

Join during the defined period and you could win a Kindle Fire.

Meet our Winners

Deb Sheffield
Jana Carlton

Deb Sheffield
Dang Quach

Deb Sheffield
Deb Sheffield

Deb Sheffield
Buff Harvey

Your State wins too!

With more Active members your state becomes stronger too. We’re having a friendly competition among our states. Let’s see which state can grow by the most members and the largest percentage of members by Oct. 31, 2013. Your Society will win incentives to help strengthen your state!

*This competition is to help us grow our Active Member base. Watch for other programs later in the year as we work to increase our benefits, services, and involvement of Student Members. (Graduating Student Members: You are converted to Active Membership upon graduation and are therefore eligible for inclusion in the drawing for renewing members.)