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Contact: Diane Shearer

ARCF Receives Endowment for Sepracor Achievement Award

Dallas, TX (Sept. 8, 2000) -- The American Respiratory Care Foundation (ARCF) has received an endowment from Sepracor, Inc., to establish the Sepracor Achievement Award for Excellence in Pulmonary Disease State Management.

The partnership between ARCF and Sepracor is based on a mutual interest in continuous improvement in quality of care for respiratory patients. The Foundation strives to support respiratory therapy research and development projects; Sepracor focuses on developing pure, safer and more effective versions of widely prescribed drugs used to treat respiratory ailments like asthma and allergies.

ARCF Chairman Mike Amato is especially pleased with the new award as it will bring recognition to respiratory therapists and other healthcare providers involved with disease state management, a burgeoning field in respiratory therapy. "So many respiratory therapists and others have been making great headway into disease management in recent years and it is only fitting that these trailblazers be acknowledged and rewarded for their efforts," says Amato. "The endowment from Sepracor not only allows us to recognize these high achievers but it also shines a spotlight on an area of care that more respiratory therapists should consider."

Recipients of the Sepracor Achievement Award for Excellence in Pulmonary Disease State Management will be presented a $2,500 cash award, a plaque, registration and airfare to the American Association for Respiratory Care's (AARC) International Respiratory Congress and one night's lodging in the convention city. They will receive their cash prize and plaque at the AARC Congress Awards Ceremony beginning this year's meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, October 7.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a member of the AARC;
  • Respiratory therapists and other healthcare professionals are eligible, including physicians;
  • Nominations may be made by anyone by submitting a paper of not more than 1000 words describing why a nominee should be considered for the award (a current resume and other relevant information should likewise be provided);
  • Nominees must have demonstrated the attainment of positive healthcare outcomes as a direct result of their disease-oriented practice of respiratory care, regardless of care setting; and,
  • Preference will be given to authors of contemporary published studies pertaining to pulmonary disease state management.

If you would like more information on the ARCF awards program, visit our website at http://c.aarc.org/arcf/awards.html or call Diane Shearer at 972/243-2272 x687.


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