CMS Regional Offices, Fiscal Intermediaries, and Contractors

In order for the United States government to effectively implement the Medicare program, which covers over 40 million Americans, the program has instituted a hierarchical structure to oversee the program.

The Medicare and Medicaid programs are run out of Baltimore, MD, by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Moverover, CMS has 10 Regional Offices to handle issues and questions. The day-to-day processing of claims, questions, etc. is done by yet a third level of "staff," who are insurance companies that are under contract to Medicare (CMS) to provide these types of processing services. These insurance companies are simply called Medicare Contractors (specifically designated as Fiscal Intermediaries for those providing services under Medicare Part A, and called Contrators under Medicare Part B).

Providers and professionals often find they encounter unresolved problems with Mediare issues. The inclination is to take the issues directly to the CMS Central Office in Baltimore. However, staff there will invariably ask if the person/company has firsst tried to resolve the issue at the Contractor level and then at the Regional Office level. The first link below will take you to the CMS web page where you can location the contact infomration for rthe Medicare Contracotrs and the secod linnk will take you to the conttact informat for the CMS Regional Offices.

Medicare Contractors

CMS Regional Offices