In 1997, the AARC selected The Lewin Group, Inc., to conduct a study to evaluate changes in the health care system that have affected the respiratory care profession. Their charge was to study health care market dynamics in order to identify the mix of skills that health care employers desire in practitioners and to document the value of the respiratory care practitioner in the marketplace. The Executive Summary of that report is published online for your information. The full report is available here for AARC members. A hard copy of the published report is available from the AARC for $35 ($70 nonmembers) plus shipping by calling (972) 243-2272.

Several points emerged from their study, among them:
  • Those RCPs who can demonstrate skills and the ability to take on responsibilities in multiple areas are likely to succeed in the new health care environment.
  • Marketplace demand for RCPs is shifting from the inpatient to both subacute and outpatient settings. RCPs can identify and take advantage of opportunities in these settings.
  • RCPs must ensure that respiratory care programs teach future RCPs the skills they need in the new health care environment.

The Lewin Group is a highly respected health care consulting and research firm that has conducted studies for a wide range of groups in both the private and public sectors.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Chapter I: Introduction and Background
Chapter II: Literature Review
Chapter III: AARC Membership Survey
Chapter IV: Structured Interviews and Case Studies

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