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AARC Community

The success of your community depends on your success. And vice versa.

Community isn’t about where you live, or how often you say hello to your neighbors. It’s a sense of shared goals, responsibilities and values. It’s about sharing your time and talents with people who need you, and having a place to go for answers, support and encouragement. It’s an interdependence, a balance of give and take that creates a foundation for making the world a better place by giving what you alone have to offer to the people around you and by them giving it back to you in ways you may not have expected.

As an AARC member, you enjoy all kinds of perks, but one of the most valuable assets of your membership is community. Not only do you become part of a powerful group that shares your goals and makes them known, but you also become “one of us” in a meaningful way. You become a student and a teacher with the opportunity to share both your concerns and your wisdom with other people in your field everyday, online.

Our online community gives us a place to ask questions, get answers and find support through our live chats, bulletin boards and direct access to AARC staff. As members, we’re all in it together and we’re all here for each other.

That’s what AARC community is all about.