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Professionalism - The Most Valuable Skill in Your Career

Many qualities demonstrate professionalism, but overall, professionalism is both an attitude and a lifestyle for the workplace. From the way we answer the phone to the way we build relationships, itís a set of standards and values we uphold everyday and it shows in the way we work, the care we give and the contributions we make to society.

Itís the foundation upon which we establish dependability within our work environments and communicate competence to our patients. No amount of skill, talent, education, personality or ambition makes up for a lack of it. Thatís why professionalism is such an important goal.

To help you define and master the abstract concept of professionalism and all that it entails, the AARC created the Guide to Professionalism slide show. In it, we outline the expectations and goals of respiratory care professionals, describe the characteristics and responsibilities associated with being a professional, and offer you and your team practical advice on how to improve and maintain your professional image.

The program is presented here for downloading. It is availiable in a Mac or Windows PowerPoint or html format. A read-along script is incorporated into the program within the "Notes" view of the PowerPoint presentation. Feel free to adapt and use it as a basis for your own presentation. (Please see your PowerPoint manual for specific questions on the operation of that application.)

You may download these supplemental materials discussed in the program: