We asked and you told us! Here are some ways that you help out in your community:

Don Kinkade, RRT, CRT, Reno, NV
How I Contribute:
I have been a volunteer for approximately the past ten plus years for Habitat for Humanity in Cleveland, OH, Lubbock, TX, and now Reno, NV. The goal of Habitat for Humanity is to eliminate poverty housing from the face of the earth. Staff and volunteers build and rehabilitate houses, homes, and communities in partnership with the homeowner families.--Submitted: 1/27/01

Patrick L. Johnson, Jr., RRT, CRT, Tallahassee, FL
How I Contribute:
I volunteer by promoting preventive health education at the Bond Community Health Center in Tallahassee, FL. My primary focus at the center is providing preventive health care to the local community, particularly citizens who frequently do not have access to traditional health care. I also serve on the Board of Directors of the Bond Center. The center is a federal, state , county, and city funded project. -- Submitted: 1/25/01

Tammy Sleeper, RRT, CRT, Perinatal/Pediatric, Little Rock, AR
How I Contribute:
I volunteer for an animal rescue organization that helps save the lives of dogs and cats. We take in strays, but also rescue as many as possible from local animal shelters sparing them from euthanasia. I have fostered 4 dogs through this program so far, and continue to foster as the need arises. The mission is not only to save the animals and provide them with loving homes, but also to stress the importance of sterilization, so we can attempt to prevent the problem at its very beginning. In order to support this goal, we offer free spay/neuter clinics where anyone can bring their animals and have them sterilized. We have a lot of vets that volunteer their time and services to help make all of this possible. -- Submitted: 1/25/01

John Kimble, RRT, Temple, TX
How I Contribute:
I am active in my church and in the community. I am a Lector and Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Temple, TX. This involves taking Communion to hospitalized patients. In the community, I was Board President for CASA of Bell County. CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates, a national non-profit organization that works with kids who have been removed from their homes for neglect and abuse. CASA volunteers speak for the best interests of the child. I am also involved with the Ebony Cultural Society, a non-profit group whose purpose is to bring educational, cultural, and health-related programs to the African American community. I co-chaired a "Be Stroke Smart" Health Fair made possible through a grant from the National Stroke Foundation. -- Submitted: 1/17/01

Frank Salvatore Jr., RRT, CRT, Danbury, CT
How I Contribute:
I have been a Volunteer Fireman in Danbury, CT for the past 17 years. I currently hold the rank of firefighter (just while I hold the title of President of the CTSRC until 2002). I achieved the rank of captain for three years and served as a lieutenant for seven years. I serve in a company that has the responsibility of refilling the air tanks we use while working in a fire (how appropriate for a RT). We also have the capability to light up a fire or accident scene with numerous types of lights to enable the firefighters to see during a night call. -- Submitted: 1/15/01

Jana Stafford, BS, RRT, Oklahoma City, OK
How I Contribute:
I am the Chairperson for the American Lung Association/Oklahoma City Resource Council. I am also a facilitator for a youth driven group called SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco) sponsored by the Oklahoma Health Department and the Oklahoma Tobacco Free Coalition for teens ages 12 to 18. I am also on the Oklahoma County Tobacco Free Coalition Council. -- Submitted: 1/15/01

Patti Joyner, RRT, CRT, Atoka, TN
How I Contribute:
Mentoring once a week at an inner city elementary school with a focus on reading skills. I am very lucky to work for a company that encourages this at our "adopted" school. --Submitted: 1/11/01

Russ Babb, RRT, CRT, Salina, KS
How I Contribute:
Our community public school system has a program called HOSTS--Helping One Student to Succeed. HOSTS is an educational program in the school that uses community volunteers and student mentors to assist students who are having difficulty in language arts (reading, writing, thinking, listening, and speaking). Mentors volunteer 30 minutes each week helping the student, one on one, through a lesson plan, on the areas mentioned above. I volunteer at one of the local grade schools. My student is in the 4th grade. I do this volunteer work because I think it helps make my community a better place to live. "Children are always the only future the human race has, teach them well." -- Submitted: 1/9/01

Janet Pangborn, BS, CRT, Hartland, WI
How I contribute:
I tutor English as a second language to Hispanic women through the Literacy Council of Greater Waukesha. Doing this helps me help someone of another culture become more comfortable with her interactions. I also read short stories to the elderly in an assisted-living and nursing home facility. My family all join in and the seniors love the attention and the stories. I do this for a sense of community -- we're all in this together. -- Submitted: 12/13-16/99

Larry Conway, RRT, CRT Saltillo, MS
How I contribute:
I serve as a project coordinator in my church and on the finance committee, chair a non-denominational missionary assistive organization, volunteer at our annual asthma camp, and raise funds for cancer and lung disorders. It is part of every person's obligation, religiously and ethically, to give help as his or her talents allow. It also provides a great sense of accomplishment and completeness. -- Submitted: 12/13-16/99

We want to hear what you do to make your community better. Tell us how you spend your time volunteering.


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