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Two New Roundtables Form on Hyperbarics and Informatics

January 14, 2009


You are invited to join the email lists for the following AARC Roundtables:


AARC has formed two new Roundtables on Hyperbaric Medicine and Informatics. This gives members two new ways to network in a community, sharing ideas and suggestions on these topics.

A Roundtable is a community of members interested in sharing information about a focused topic. The cornerstone of AARC Roundtables is an electronic mailing list that is available for all AARC members to join free of charge. Once joining, you are able to network with other individuals.

The Hyperbarics Roundtable will be available to members who want to discuss practice issues and professional direction about respiratory therapists and hyperbaric medicine. Dr. Cliff Boehm, MD, of Northwest Hospital in Maryland will chair the group. He is a former chair of the AARC’s Board of Medical Advisors and currently represents the American Society for Anesthesiologists on BOMA.

The Informatics Roundtable has not yet identified a chair, however, registration for the list is open. This group will be for those individuals working in respiratory care informatics, collecting, manipulating and analyzing data to study and manage respiratory care services, including individual, department level and institutional applications.

Please consider using these new forums to extend the value of your AARC membership. Any AARC member can join for free of charge and plug in to these extra special interest groups. These two new AARC Roundtables join the other groups: