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Respiratory Therapist Human Resource Survey

March 18, 2009

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Are you curious about how your salary compares with that earned by other therapists? Did you ever wonder how many therapists are involved in special procedures like conscious sedation and emergency intubation? These questions and many others that relate to the respiratory therapist workforce will be answered by the AARC’s 2009 Respiratory Therapist Human Resources Study. Respiratory therapists and their employers will participate in surveys to help the AARC determine the following information about the respiratory therapist workforce:

  • Wages paid
  • Current and future supply and demand
  • The percent of positions vacant in all work venues
  • Turnover for full and part time employees
  • Demographics and characteristics
  • Patient services provided
  • Credentials and certifications held
  • What is being done to recruitment and retain them

All respiratory therapists (regardless of professional position) are encouraged to participate in this easy two-step web-based survey process. First, you need to register to participate. Simply go to the online registration page where you will be asked to provide your name and email address. Within 72 hours you will receive an email reply providing you with a password and the location of the survey website. When you receive this information you simply click on the link to the survey, provide your password and access the survey. You should be able to complete the short respiratory therapist survey in about 15–20 minutes and will not have to do any research to answer the easy questions. The registration process is required to assure the integrity of the survey. Your confidentiality is guaranteed. Survey participants will receive a pre-publication executive summary of the study results. Please hurry, as the survey will only be available until April 9, 2009. The results will available by the late summer. Please encourage your fellow therapists who may not yet be AARC members to participate also. Your participation is very important to make this a success. One lucky study participant will be randomly selected to have his or her way paid to the 2009 AARC International Congress!