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Ask Your Senators to Sign On to COPD Effort

April 28, 2009

  Write to Senate for COPD “Sign On” Letter

Do this before May 2.

AARC is firing up its action alert network to help ensure that money is provided to the Centers for Disease Control for COPD purposes.

In a cooperative effort with other COPD organizations, AARC is asking that you write an email to your Senators asking them to sign on to a letter to the committee overseeing a potential $1 million appropriation to the COPD effort.

Senators Blanche Lincoln and Michael Crapo are circulating this letter in support of $1million to start a nationwide campaign to lead to better treatments and increased diagnoses.

We’ve made it easy—there is a letter in our AARC Capitol Connection site that you can log on and send right now to your two Senators. Ask them to sign on to the “Dear Colleague” letter that is going soon to the leadership of the Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services. This group will be making a decision on whether to carry forward this request for money.