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We’re Going Social!

April 7, 2009

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The whole world is going social and AARC is right in the middle of all.

Recently launched, the AARC’s Twitter and Facebook pages allow you to get timely, quick news in the media you’re already using. Plus you’ll feel more connected to the community of AARC members around the world.

Don’t worry if you’re not on these media yet or can’t quite get a grasp of what they mean to you. You’ll still get all your news everyday on AARC.org and through our weekly News Now emails. But for those who enjoy the pursuit of social media, you’ll want to get connected to the AARC presence there.

Twitter is a short burst of information—we can only write 140 characters’ worth—that we’ll send out with simple, but meaningful, news blurbs. Plus we’ll put a little personality in it too. Maybe you’ll find out when we’re celebrating a staff member’s anniversary with the AARC or post a picture of a meeting here in town. To participate in Twitter, you’ll need your own personal Twitter account and then you’ll need to “follow” the AARC on Twitter. We call our page “aarc_tweets.”

Facebook is a personality page. You build a personal profile, find other friends online, and exchange information. You decide who and how much information you share.

AARC has a Facebook page and when you join the AARC’s presence there, you’ll be labeled as a “fan.”

So Facebook and Twitter users—we hope you’ll join us now. And if you aren’t a current user, you may find that now is the perfect time to learn about all the new ways of connecting and engaging with friends across the country.