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Twitter Tuesday Strikes a Chord

May 5, 2009
Tweet for World Asthma Day

April 29, 2009

Tweeters from around the country gathered online for AARC’s first Twitter Tuesday, promoting their AARC membership and AARC activities.

It was our first Twitter Tuesday, but it won’t be our last.

“What Twitter does is give us the opportunity to reach out to a wider community and tell them about things important to us as a profession,” said Sherry Milligan associate executive director of communications for the AARC. She explains that Twitter is useful as communications for the AARC because it is a potential way of reaching others to

  • promote respiratory therapy as a career
  • talk about good lung health
  • influence awareness of COPD, asthma, and other health

What makes one day of working together to post on Twitter so effective, she said, is that seeing a whole grouping of postings on one topic allows the ideas to trickle through all the followers of Twitter.

While AARC’s first Twitter Tuesday focused on postings about AARC membership, other events might have a theme more interesting to a wider group, like asthma or careers.

“In fact, let’s tweet about asthma next Tuesday for World Asthma Day (#wad09),” said Milligan.

Sample Tweets from April 28

beckybrown122: Very excited that the first online source for the swine influenza virus I saw was on twitter by AARC! #aarctt
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GraceEnid: I'm a rookie with AARC but I hear its the place to be. #aarctt.
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susankay77: Im breathing. Dont take it for granted. RT's rock! #aarctt

nventeur: #aarctt liked the student photos on the AARC website. thanks for the information on the buyer's guide will have to look at the details

rustoleum1: #aarctt. doing my part to save western civ from the swine flu, eat more chicken!! see you in san antonio
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cyrenes: Love the AARC twitter bird...so cute! #aarctt
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Easy2Breathe: So proud to be a Respiratory Therapist and member since 1973. #aarctt http://myloc.me/iPK

KimQuinn: #aarctt Helping people understand their difficulty in breathing. Keep up the good work. AARC member.
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ksommer63: Life is not the number of breaths you take. It's the moments that take your breath away. Happy Tweet Tuesday to all my AARC buds! #aarctt
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o2meister: #aarctt. Been an AARC member since Jan 1975 (except for a 19 month period). Also have every RC Journal since then....HA!
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