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Asthma Course Now Online

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June 15, 2009

It’s been in demand for years. Now it’s “On Demand.”

That means you can get the AARC’s popular Asthma Educator Certification Preparation Course whenever you want. It’s now available online and on demand (that means whenever you want to do it, wherever you have a computer connection) so you can:

  • prepare yourself for the AE-C test offered by the NAECB
  • earn 10.5 CRCE credits
  • bone up on your personal knowledge about asthma care

Tom Kallstrom, AARC’s Chief Operating Officer and the originator of the course said, “This online course is a mirror image of the live course. You’ll be taught by the same faculty. You’ll be presented with the same material. You’ll be stepped through the same process, just as though you were sitting in the classroom.”

AARC took the course to an online offering, said Kallstrom, because there was such a demand for it. “We couldn’t get the faculty moved around the country fast enough and in enough locations to meet everyone’s desire to attend the course.”

Important aspects of this course are:

  • the pre-test that allows you to gauge your knowledge going in to the course (“This allows you to know where you need to focus special attention.”)
  • the post test (“If you want CRCE credits, you have two tries to take this test and earn your CRCEs.”)
  • the resource library (“There are many other materials that can help you learn and get prepped for taking the AE-C credential. We present these options to you, just like you’d get in a packet of handouts at a live course.”)

Registration and additional information are available in our Education online area.