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Influential Physician Lined Up for Congress

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June 17, 2009

  Dale Needham

All over the country right now ICU patients are lying in bed, sedated, and slowly but surely losing the strength they will need to recover.

Dale Needham, MD, PhD, who heads up the critical care physical medicine and rehab program at Johns Hopkins believes there is a better way, and he’ll be sharing it with attendees at this year’s AARC International Respiratory Congress in San Antonio, Dec. 5–8.

Dr. Needham has just agreed to deliver both the Phil Kittredge Lecture on “Patient Safety, Quality of Care, and Knowledge Translation in the ICU” and a special lecture on “Mobilizing Critically Ill Patients: Rehabilitation Starts in the ICU.”

The presentations will cover the innovative ICU practices he has developed at Johns Hopkins, which include regular breaks from sedation along with rehabilitation aimed at getting patients up and walking, even while they are still intubated and on mechanical ventilation.

Dr. Needham emphasized the importance of early mobilization for ICU patients in a JAMA review published last October. His unique perspective on ICU care has also been the topic of several news reports over the past year, including this one in the New York Times.