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AARC is a Partner in the Year of the Lung initiative. We have joined in a movement with other pulmonary organizations around the world in one mission: to educate and promote lung care initiatives.

April—Focus on Allergies

Lung Days in April

Sarcoidosis Awareness Month

April 7
World Health Day

April 10
World Voice Day

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April showers bring…on the allergies. Well, actually rain showers clear our air, but springtime is notorious for the sneezy, wheezy, pesky problem of allergies. As respiratory therapists, we are well acquainted with allergic rhinitis brought on by airborne triggers, but we also are vigilant on severe respiratory allergic responses to foods or medications bringing on anaphylactic reactions.

As we brace for a severe allergy season in many parts of the country, due to a harsh, wet winter, consider these resources from the AARC.

Do It

Share resources below with patients.

  • Get ready for a health fair in May. Asthma month and World Asthma Day are in May and serve to be a perfect springboard to share information at a community health fair. Read our guide to learn how.

Share It

YourLungHealth.org has easy to understand information on allergies. Share this with your patients.

We especially point out these articles for you:

Learn More

Use these resources to learn more about nasal allergies and the more severe breathing problems that arise from anaphylactic-related allergies.

  • Indoor Asthma Triggers—Learn about the allergens that trigger asthma episodes by taking this FREE six-hour CRCE course on the AARC website.
  • FDA on Allergens—Access the latest information on the government on food safety  as it relates to allergies.
  • Pollen Counts—Read about the pollen levels in your area by accessing the National Allergy Bureau (a feature of the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology run by its members) or the pollen.com (owned by a research company).

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