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RT Videos Inform with a Smile

May 3, 2010


Dave Zobeck

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Remember your favorite teacher in school? Chances are, he or she didn’t earn your admiration simply for being a content expert in the subject matter at hand.

Most likely this person topped your list because of an innate ability to engage students in an interesting and entertaining manner. Dave Zobeck, MM, RRT, CPFT, program director at the newly created RT program at Lancaster General College (LGC) in Lancaster, PA, is one of those teachers, and he accomplishes that goal partly by producing often humorous videos on various respiratory care topics.

Now everyone can see these videos on YouTube, where Zobeck’s page features more than 50.

“I originally made them for my respiratory classes when I taught at Ferris State University’s respiratory program, in Big Rapids, MI,” explains the educator. “I used them for instruction and to help students review procedures.”

He began putting the videos on YouTube and found other students and even patients and families benefited from them as well. “I had the mother of a patient with CF state she never knew how to have her son huff cough until she watched my video,” says Zobeck. ”I also had a student state they got a question on the exam correct because they remembered my video.”

How does Zobeck find humor in serious respiratory care topics? This video on kyphoscolosis is a good example. By explaining the lung constricting condition from the very cramped quarters of his daughter’s car he drives home the key point, which is that people with kyphoscolosis have a hard time breathing because their lungs can’t move.

“I hope my humor helps students remember a bit more of what I teach them,” says the educator. “If nothing else, it seems to keep them awake!”

Stay tuned to AARC Times for an upcoming article by Zobeck on another facet of his teaching—a million dollar simulation lab used by RT students in his new program at LGC.