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Help Line is Moving

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June 14, 2010

Help Line, and other interactive forms of communication at the AARC, are now occurring over on our new social and professional network, AARConnect.

Go to AARConnect Help Line

Beginning June 23, the current Help Line will be retired and the new Help Line will be the primary source of member-to-member communications. To help make that transition, here is a guide to using the new Help Line.

Current Help Line New Help Line

Sign in with member number

Sign in with member number and password

No automatic archiving of information

All discussions will be automatically archived

No search function

Search function that can be targeted to Help Line discussions only

Sign in to website to view discussions

You can still sign in to view discussions or choose from these options: have a real time email delivered, get a daily email digest, get formatted postings for a smart phone.

Easily follow a discussion through a simple thread.

Easily isolate a discussion through the “View Thread” feature.

No archived documents available

Documents discussed are placed in an online library.

Know the names of those posting questions and advice.

Know more details about the people posting through their profiles of work and professional background.

Can post only in public forum.

Can easily send a comment or follow up question directly to the poster.