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“Inspiring” Photos Equal RC Week Fun

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September 21, 2010

Last week in our News Now@AARC email newsletter we asked you to send us pictures of yourselves wearing your 2010 official RC Week t-shirts while visiting a local landmark. Garry Kauffman, from Pennsylvania, saw the request, and since he had a fishing/kayaking trip planned for the weekend, he decided to take us up on the offer.

Here’s Garry in his “Inspire” shirt last Sunday, enjoying the great weather out on the Susquehanna River. Garry says the fishing was a bust, but the kayaking was great.

Garry Kauffman

We’re hoping to receive many, many more photos like these over the coming days, and once we have a good collection going, we’ll be posting them right here on www.aarc.org for everyone to enjoy.

So, pull on those RC Week shirts and snap some photos out and about in your local area. Email them to griffiths@aarc.org. Be sure to identify both yourself and the location in your email message so we can let everyone know where you were at when you had your moment of “inspiration.”

Don’t have an official 2010 RC Week t-shirt yet? No worries! Get one today in the AARC Store.