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Help Your Patients Quit Smoking With New Guide

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December 14, 2010

AARC Tobacco Cessation

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Members of the AARC Tobacco-Free Lifestyle Roundtable have created a patient guide to Tobacco Cessation. The American Respiratory Care Foundation, with the assistance of an unrestricted patient education grant from Pfizer, has published the book and is distributing it free of cost to AARC members in the U.S.

This brochure is intended to be used in the hospital to assist in-patient smokers to quit. It may also be used on an outpatient basis.

The booklet is a practical guide that gives a ten-step plan for becoming tobacco-free, the top 5 reasons for quitting, understanding nicotine and its effects, and types of medication to help you quit.

It is not intended to be handed out at large events, since the patient cannot receive the benefit of being instructed in how to properly use it to quit. It is the first part of a program that will include a clinician guide to helping patients be successful.