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YLH Lists Prescription Assistance Programs

June 1, 2011

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Helping you fulfill your role as a patient advocate, the AARC has created YourLungHealth.org as a repository of information. This week we have placed important prescription drug information on the site.

With the phase-out of inhalers with chlorofluorocarbons, many patients with lower financial means are unable to afford the more expensive HFA inhalers. Because the HFA inhalers are relatively new to the market, no generic (and therefore less expensive) alternatives are available to them.

We have found that one low-cost HFA inhaler (Ventolin HFA) may be available at some Target pharmacies for $9.00; however, we are uncertain how long this product may remain available.  Since not all Targets may sell the drug, your patients will need to check in their area.  Also, your patients should know that this alternative inhaler only contains 60 doses instead of the 200 doses generally prescribed. 

To help you help your patients in this situation, the AARC has pulled together a listing of prescription drug financial assistance programs. You can access this list, or notify your patients, that this list is available on YourLungHealth.org.

Additionally AARC will be encouraging our state societies to contact their Medicaid Directors to remind them that nebulized albuterol remains an option for these individuals and that rather than make massive cuts to the Medicaid programs this could be an option to help keep costs under control.