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AARC Opposes Weakening of Air Pollution Regulations

Update, November 11, 2011
Good news came yesterday as S.J. Res 27 was rejected by a vote of 41–56 in the Senate. This defeat supports the position of the AARC and other health groups who had opposed this bill that would weaken clean air measures.

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November 10, 2011

Read letter to Senate
(74 KB PDF)

AARC and other health care groups have written to Congress in opposition of S.J. Res. 27, a resolution by Senator Rand Paul that employs the Congressional Review Act to reverse the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) final Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR).

If enacted, S.J. Res. 27 would weaken CSAPR and EPA’s ability to issue clean air protections without express Congressional authorization.

The groups are asking Congress to vote “no” on S.J. Res 27. Currently CSAPR and EPA have protections on particulate and ozone air pollutions standards that would be eliminated under this bill.