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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

June 13, 2011

We have some interesting newsmakers to share in this edition–

Rick Carver
Rick Carver

Jackie Richards
Jackie Richards

  • Allison Moreau stands up for her city of Bristol, CT, in this article in the Wall Street Journal about the bad rap it received in a new oral history of ESPN. Bristol, which is home to ESPN headquarters, was deemed “remote” and “unkempt” by the authors. Allison says “sour grapes” to that!
  • Lee Sheaffer answers five questions about working as an RT in this interview in the Patriot News out of Pennsylvania. “The responsibilities of the job make it challenging at times but also rewarding,” he was quoted as saying. “Each day offers something different.”
  • Diane Young is pictured giving a breathing treatment to a young patient in this article in the East Valley Tribune out of Arizona about the role education plays in managing asthma.
  • Jerry King and his students are featured in this article on the University of Alabama at Birmingham website for volunteering at a medical relief shelter opened for people on chronic therapy, CPAP, and BiPAP after the Alabama tornadoes last spring. “As a college student, I can’t afford to give money to the relief effort, but I can use my skills,” said student Janie Huddleston, who was quoted in the article along with fellow student Ashley Glaze. “It was rewarding to see what I’ve learned in the last year and put it to good use in a situation like this.”
    Ashley Glaze and Janie Huddleston
  • Rick Carver comments on a Memorial Day ceremony held in his community in this article in the Blount, SC, Today, noting he was honored to see so many veterans come out for the event, several of whom he cares for as a respiratory therapist. Rick is a county commissioner in Blount.
  • Jackie DelBorrello thanks everyone who supported her during her battle with breast cancer in this article in the Delaware County Daily Times. Jackie says coworkers in her RT department not only donated personal vacation time to her when she needed extra time off, they also raised more than $1500 for the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation.
  • Jackie Richards is pictured teaching a 7th grader how to do CPR in this article in the Evansville, IN, Courier & Press about a weeklong camp aimed at getting kids interested in health care careers.