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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

August 8, 2011

Check out our latest list of newsmakers—

Kitty Hernlen

Terry Madsen

Doug Boedeker

Sandy Thomas

Suzanne Moon

Martha Huddelson

Melissa Shaw

  • Kitty Hernlen comments on air quality in her community in this article on the CBS affiliate website out of Augusta, GA. Kitty has been involved in studies aimed at gauging air quality in her local schools for some time now, and we’ll take a look at her latest project in an upcoming issue of  AARC Times.
  • Bonnie Coxe talks about patients in her pulmonary rehabilitation program in this article in the Abilene, TX, Reporter News. “A lot of times we get the type of person who wants to do everything themselves,” she was quoted as saying. “They say, ‘When I was younger, this used to take 5 minutes.’ But now it takes 30. Your mindset has to change.”
  • Terry Madsen’s recent presentation to a local Exchange Club is covered in this article in the Davis County, UT, Clipper. Terry spoke about her experiences during medical missions overseas and urges her fellow RTs to learn more by contacting Choice Humanitarian or the International Children’s Heart Foundation.
  • Karla Gilliam is noted for making a presentation on a new ePortfolio tool for educational programs in this article in the Greenwood, SC, Today. Jerry Alewine, dean of health science at her school, says respiratory care was the first program to implement the tool, but others will soon follow. Karla made the presentation at the International D2L Fusion Users conference held recently in Denver, CO.
  • Jon Bertoldo and Crystal Fishman are pictured in this article on the MyCentralJersey.com website about local hospitals that made the latest U.S. News & World Report best hospitals list. Their hospital was one of them.
  • Doug Boedeker’s invention to provide for a safer transfer of newborns in the delivery room is the topic of this article in the Record Herald out of Washington Court House, OH. Doug came up with FIRST HUG as a result of his work as an RT. “I would get called to help resuscitate a baby or make sure a baby was breathing and the doc would hand me the baby. Naturally at birth, they’re wet… I thought there had to be a safer way to do this, especially when Dads participate in handling the newborn at birth.”
  • Bob Miller talks about the innovative procedures available to treat premature infants at his hospital in this article in the Hernando, FL, Today, noting their role in helping to avoid invasive mechanical ventilation and all the complications that can come with it.
  • Robert Guardabasco explains how obesity can affect patients with asthma in this article in the Gothamist out of New York City about a severe asthma attack that recently sent New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to the hospital.
  • Sandy Thomas talks about her asthma camp for kids in this article in The Capital out of Annapolis, MD. “In the end, who has the asthma? It’s not mom and dad,” Sandy was quoted as saying. “We educate the kids about what they can do.”
  • Suzanne Moon is noted for taking part in a recent medical mission to Haiti in this article on the Project Medishare website. Suzanne spent much of her time during the trip teaching a Haitian nurse about the different types of ventilators used in pediatric care.
  • Karen McDonald weighs in on the recently updated federal birth control policy that calls for insurance companies to cover the treatment in this article on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network website.
  • Martha Huddelson informs her community about a statewide effort to protect children with asthma in this article in the Greenwood, SC, Today. As chair of the South Carolina Asthma Alliance, Martha is promoting a “Summer Attack on Asthma” program aimed at making the public more aware about childhood asthma, its impact, and its control. 
  • Melissa Shaw also comments on the impact asthma can have on the community in this article in the Caymanian Compass out of the Grand Cayman Islands. “Persons with asthma can gain control working with a health care team who provides asthma education and follow-up,” she was quoted as saying.
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