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Michigan Society Continues Quest to Overturn Deregulation

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May 30, 2012

The AARC continues to monitor the situation in Michigan in which a proposal is on the table to eliminate licensure for 18 Michigan professions, including respiratory care.

The Michigan Society (MSRC), bolstered by AARC support, has been working on the case since the Governor’s report was made public. This week, the MSRC is asking members in their state to contact Michigan Governor Rick Snyder by phone call, letter, and email opposing the deregulation.

Paul Loik, president of the MSRC, said “The MSRC has been able to build the infrastructure needed to defend our license against the possibility of deregulation.” He credits the quick work of Cheryl West, AARC’s Director of Government Affairs in helping them build a strategy. “The AARC was able to provide us with a letter of support in a very quick manner, which is being used in our packet of information we give out.  It has been reassuring to us that we have the many members of the AARC standing behind us.”

AARC members from across the country have offered support and concern over the Michigan deregulation issue.

This week the MSRC sent a letter (see below) to the members of their state. In that letter they reviewed key points of action they have taken in this matter including:

  • Contact with Governor Snyder within two days of the deregulation news.
  • Getting the written support of AARC and NBRC into the Governor’s office.
  • Acquiring the services of a lobbyist.
  • Attending the latest Michigan Respiratory Care Licensing Board meeting to voice an opposition.
  • Contacting other stakeholders in Michigan to gain support and clarify information.¬†

“We are supporting our members in Michigan in every way possible and stand ready to help them take action as it is necessary,” said Cheryl West.

Text of letter to Michigan Society for Respiratory Care members:

The MSRC has been busy building the foundation needed to defend our license against the possibility of deregulation. Now is the time for therapist, patients and family members to contact the governor. A very easy way to do this is to visit our website at www.michiganrc.org and let governor know how important it is that Michigan Respiratory therapist keeps their licenses.

Please find below the latest steps that have been taken:

  • Within 2 days of the ORR report being made public, the MSRC acted promptly and sent a letter to Governor Snyder requesting to remove the recommendation to deregulate respiratory care licensure. This letter can be viewed on the MSRC website: www.michiganrc.org.
  • The MSRC has requested and received a letter from the NBRC detailing the inaccurate information that was included in the ORR report, which has also been sent to the governor’s office for their review.
  • The MSRC has requested and received a letter of support from the AARC which is also being sent to the governor’s office.
  • The MSRC has acquired the services of Kindsvatter & Associates, Inc as our association’s lobbyist.
  • The MSRC has reached out to our members to contact our state officials. Our website has been revised and information has been included to make it as easy as possible to make these contacts.
  • Several professional and support organizations have been contacted and have given or are in the process of developing their support strategies.
  • Representatives of the MSRC attended the last Respiratory Care Board meeting (5/11/12) to publicly state our opposition of the recommendation to deregulate our profession.
  • According to the Michigan Hospital Association (MHA), we have been the first and only profession to set up a meeting with them in an effort to gain their support to maintain our licensure.
  • We have begun contacting key state stakeholders to clarify the misconceptions regarding our license that were listed in the ORR report.

As you can see, there has been a lot of action occurring behind the scenes in an effort to build the frame work necessary to defend our license. Now we need your help to contact Governor Snyder!!! Below are the actions that must be taken by you to help defend our license:

Start by visiting our website www.michiganrc.org¬†where you will find all of the information you need to help you make your governor contact, such as background information and talking points. You can either call the Governor’s office, send a letter in the mail or send an email. Your goal is to provide a clear professional rationale as to why we need to be licensed. Personal contacts from your friends and family and especially patients will also be helpful. For those of you who have already signed petitions or sent group emails, we are urging you to also personally contact the governor as this is more effective.

We are also asking you to spread the word by contacting professional associates and informing them on what is going on and what needs to be done. Recruit their help and their membership in the AARC and MSRC. There is strength in numbers and like the saying goes ‘United we stand; Divided we fall’.

Paul Loik
MSRC President