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Third Quarter Prizes Awarded in Membership Drive Contest

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August 28, 2013

Polly Ann Scott
Polly Ann Scott

AARC members Polly Ann Scott, RRT, and Greg McGuire, CRT-NPS, RPSGT, came out on top in the latest drawing for a brand new iPad and Kindle Fire in our ongoing Membership Drive Contest.

Value of membership

Polly Ann won in the renewing member category and was thrilled to receive her new iPad. A staff therapist at Grady General Hospital in Cairo, GA, she’s been an RT for 18 years now and has belonged to the Association off and on in her career.

“I was a member for a few years after graduation and then let my membership lapse,” she explains. The value of membership once again made itself apparent to her about four years ago after she had a child and realized just how inexpensive and stress-free it is to earn the CRCE credits she needs to maintain her state license through her professional organization.

“As I've gotten older and have a child at home, it's easier to acquire my CEUs through the AARC rather than by attending conferences,” says the therapist. “The cost is nothing compared to travel expense for conferences.”

But while she came back for the CRCE credits, Polly Ann emphasizes that membership has grown to mean much more to her than that. “I do enjoy all the information the website has to offer and the Facebook page too. I think we should support our Association as a therapist and take advantage of all the benefits.”

Greg McGuire
Greg McGuire

Giving RT a voice

As a new member this year, Greg has been busy enjoying his new Kindle Fire. A staff therapist at Divine Savoir Healthcare in Portage, WI, since 2000, he says he joined the AARC “take advantage of its professional development through CEUs, industry trends, and networking.”

He has also come to believe that membership holds the key to a bright future for the profession as a whole. “I think it’s important to be a member and have a sense of how our field is changing and make sure it is well represented,” says Greg.

That’s all in keeping with why he went into RT in the first place. “I became a healthcare provider to be able to have a direct influence on patient care,” says the new AARC member. “In previous jobs I never saw the final outcome of what I was doing, but as an RT I see it everyday and it's very gratifying.”

The final prize in the Membership Drive Contest will be awarded at the end of the fourth quarter in November, so there’s still time to get in the running for a new iPad (for renewing members) or Kindle Fire (for new members)!