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Patient Safety Summit to be Held Jan. 11–13

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December 5, 2013

A Patient-Safety Summit will be held Jan. 11–13 to help launch a goal of zero preventable deaths by 2020. AARC will be represented at the meeting and all interested respiratory therapists are invited to attend.

The Summit, sponsored by an organization called the Patient Safety Movement, “fits right in with our goals to reduce hospital readmissions through better care and better patient safety initiatives,” said AARC CEO Tom Kallstrom. The Patient Safety Movement was founded by Masimo, one of AARC’s Corporate Partners.

The goal of the Patient Safety Movement is to confront the large scale problem of over 200,000 preventable patient deaths in U.S. hospitals each year by providing actionable ideas and innovations that can transform the process of care, dramatically improve patient safety and help eliminate patient preventable deaths.

Former President Bill Clinton and California Senator Barbara Boxer are invited speakers.

To receive an invitation to the Summit, please fill out the form on their website by Dec. 15.