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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

August 13, 2013

See who’s been making news lately—

Teresa Frankhauser
Teresa Frankhauser

Charlie Friderici
Charlie Friderici

Ron Cable
Ron Cable

Mike Latusick
Mike Latusic

  • Tyson Lockhart is profiled in this article on the Georgia State University website for the success he’s had in his short career as an RT. A 2010 graduate of the RT program there, he credits his instructors for preparing him to take on the position of clinical resource specialist at a Colorado hospital so soon after finishing the program.
  • LeSean Davis explains why he loves his new role as a clinical liaison in this article in the Atlanta, GA, Journal-Constitution. “I equip patients and families with necessary information required to make the best choice in determining the next level of care,” he was quoted as saying.
  • Phil Alkana’s new job as clinical care specialist for a sleep-related company is covered in this article on the McKnight’s Long-Term Care News & AssistedLiving website. Phil brings years of respiratory care research and management experience to the position.
  • Antranette Garrett’s new career as an RT is highlighted in this article in the Air Force Times. “It’s fascinating to see a patient go from being completely messed up and then just working with the team to get them better,” she was quoted as saying. “You see the fruits of your labor.” Antranette came to the profession after retiring as an Air Force master sergeant.
  • Dianne Pearce faced some significant challenges as she went through RT school, and to keep herself motivated vowed that she wouldn’t cut her hair till she made it to the end of the road. It took eight years, but she got there, and this article on the Quincy Companies website has both the story and the pictures. Dianne’s hip length tresses have now been donated to Locks of Love.
  • Teresa Frankhauser served as one of the experts during a news briefing on climate change led by Connecticut Senators Richard Blumenthal and Christopher Murphy a few weeks ago and the event was covered in a number of articles, including this one in the Connecticut Mirror and this one in the Hartford Courant . The rally took place during the recent East Coast heat wave and Teresa was accompanied by her young son, Jaeden, who was unable to attend camp that day because the extreme heat would have adversely affected his asthma. Take a look at Teresa’s part of the press conference here.
  • Charlie Friderici went on this local news show to explain how people in his New York community should prepare for storm-related emergency situations. “You shouldn’t underestimate the storm,” Charlie told the WNYT-TV anchor. Charlie is the emergency preparedness specialist at his hospital.
  • Ron Cable explains how COPD can come on suddenly in a patient’s life in this article and video on the WNDU-TV website out of Indiana. “They don’t realize they’re getting into this issue of ‘I’m very sick, I can’t breathe’ until suddenly one day they go to the emergency room because they can’t breathe,” he was quoted as saying.
  • Mike Latusick talks about how people can mitigate the health effects of recent fires in his area in this article and video on the NBC-TV website out of Southern Oregon/Northern California. “Anything you can use to protect your airways from these irritants that are floating around is going to benefit you,” he was quoted as saying.
  • Christy Hall writes about sleep disorders in children in this article on the FOX-TV website in Piedmont, NC. “If your child is snoring, it is important to seek medical advice quickly, as it can also be a sign of a more serious sleep problem in children called obstructive sleep apnea, which causes breathing to actually pause during sleep,” she wrote.
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