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AARC University Brings Together Content with Convenience

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May 6, 2014

AARC University has launched, bringing with it an ease of use and better accessibility to online AARC courses than ever before. And just like a real university, it’s a “full-service” learning experience—registration, text, video, exams, certificates all in one area of the website.

AARC University

Most of the AARC’s online courses will be housed in this new educational portal, with only live webcasts and one or two other courses remaining outside of AARC U. Confusion about where to go and how to get to AARC courses will be eliminated.

“We know that navigation from purchase of a course to viewing of a course to taking the test has been a source of confusion in the past,” said Sherry Milligan, Associate Executive Director of Membership. “We’re confident we have something here that members will find easier and more intuitive to use.”

Shawna Strickland, PhD, RRT-NPS, Associate Executive Director of Education, spearheaded the project to bring a better educational experience to all members using the website. She points out the other convenient features of AARC University:

  1. You will use the same AARC ID and password you use to log in to other areas of the website.
  2. You will be able to accomplish the entire learning experience in one place -- shop, buy, learn and get certificate.
  3. All courses will have the same navigational style, so you will become familiar with the AARC course look and feel.
  4. Courses are organized into categories that are commonly requested by registrants, needed to maintain credentials.
  5. AARC members get a significant discount on all of the courses.

“I can’t wait for our members to start experiencing the new way we are delivering education to them. We’re very proud of this exceptional offering,” said Strickland.