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Activate Your Journal Subscription in 5 Quick Steps

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May 5, 2014

RESPIRATORY CARE online will be a members-only benefit beginning June 2, when their policy of open access ends and login is required to view the articles.

The site has had a policy of open access for several months, but all that will end on June 2. Beginning then, only AARC members or non-members with a Journal subscription will have access to the site. To acquire that access, everyone (members and non-member subscribers) will need to go online and activate their subscription. Articles 12 months or older will be open access.

There are many great features to the online version of RESPIRATORY CARE. You are able to receive an email alert for each new issue, view papers published ahead of print, view full text in HTML, search for content, download to a citation, manager, email citations to your colleagues, post citations on Facebook, and much more.

Activating is a simple, one-time process that can be accomplished in just five quick steps. This visual tutorial will walk you through the process. Once you've completed step 5, you'll receive an email confirming your subscription and will be set to continue enjoying all of the enhanced features on the RESPIRATORY CARE site.

For all questions or additional information, please email AARC Customer Service at info@aarc.org, or call (972) 243-2272.

Note that if you are a new member of the AARC, you may need to wait approximately one week before you can activate your subscription on RESPIRATORY CARE’s site.