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Time to Touch Base on HR 2619

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July 22, 2014

With the August Congressional recess just around the corner, make plans now to contact your Representative and Senators. August is a time when they are often most accessible, holding town hall meetings and appearing at local events such as fairs and parades.

So do what you can back in your hometown to remind your members of Congress of the importance of supporting HR 2619, the Medicare Respiratory Therapist Access Act. Couple the August recess with the upcoming November elections (when those members who are running for re-election are even more attuned to their voters concerns) and the opportunity to meet and greet your Congressional representatives increases.

Even those Congressional or Senate seats that are “open” (meaning your member isn’t running for re-election) gives you a chance to educate them on the importance of respiratory therapy and HR 2619. Even if you are unable to see or meet your member in person we continue to urge you to use the AARC’s Capitol Connection to keep sending in emails to your members.

As President elect Frank Salvatore has said “Our efforts must not stop when our March Hill Advocacy Day and Virtual Lobby Week come to an end. We urge you to keep sending emails through Capitol Connection, and try to attend local events featuring your Congressional Members. They must not forget the importance of the HR 2619 Medicare Respiratory Therapist Access Act.”