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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

June 2, 2014

Here are our latest newsmakers —

Robin Vuckovich
Robin Vuckovich

Caren Meyers
Caren Meyers

Jill Feyes
Jill Feyes

Victoria Theobalt

Shannon Harden

  • Luke Premo recently accompanied a local physician to an elementary school to screen children for asthma and ended up being pictured with one of the kids in this article in the Juneau County Star-Times out of Wisconsin.

  • Robin Vuckovich and her husband Sammy stopped to assist the victim of a traffic accident last month and their reunion with the man they helped to save was featured in this article and video on the NBC website out of Montgomery, AL. “He’s been constantly on our minds, wondering how he’s healing…Thank God that everything turned out the way it did,” Robin was quoted as saying.

  • Caren Meyers had the chance to save a life as well last December and her quick actions were recognized by her community at a recent CPR Save event hosted by her local fire protection district. The event was covered in this article in the Independence, MO, Examiner, and you can read more about the life saving incident itself in this article that appeared in Caren’s hospital newsletter back when it occurred. “I just did what I know how to do, and it’s an important reminder to know CPR,” Caren was quoted as saying.

  • Marcus Jackson was recently named a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and the accomplishment was covered in this article in Focus Daily News out of Dallas, TX.

  • Natalie Rae Allen graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in health services leadership and management in May and this article in the Salisbury, NC, Post shares the good news with her community.

  • BJ Marconi was one of several health professionals gearing up for a health fair hosted by her facility earlier this month and this article on TRIBLIVE.com out of Western Pennsylvania outlined the event and all it had to offer to the community.

  • Jackie Evans is serving as the coordinator of her hospital’s new Path to Better Living series and the program is covered in this article in the Midland, MI, Daily News. The series, which is free to the public, is aimed at helping people with chronic heart and lung conditions. “This program promotes self-empowerment through health literacy and self-management education,” Jackie was quoted as saying.

  • Michael Bissonette explains why he volunteers at a local asthma camp for kids in this article on the Niagara Frontier Publications website out of New York. “Seeing what a great opportunity and success Champ Camp is for these campers keeps me going back every year,” he was quoted as saying.

  • David Johnson’s latest graduating class receives kudos on their accomplishment in this article in the Columbia, TN, Daily Herald. “The 2014 respiratory care graduates have spent hundreds of hours at various clinical sites throughout Middle Tennessee,” David was quoted as saying.

  • Dorothy Lunnin was set to attend a local Better Breathers COPD Support Group meeting earlier this month to explain the Vest’s role in removing secretions and the session was announced in this article in the Providence, RI, Journal.

  • David Guardino is the go-to person for information about the effects of coral dust stirred up by a local sewer project in his community in this article on keysnews.com out of Florida. While noting his hospital has not seen an uptick in respiratory patients, he told the reporter there is no way to tell for sure whether or not respiratory ailments have been caused by the dust or another factor.

  • Mika Nonoyama shared some information about the profession with local school children recently and the event was covered in this article in the Mississauga News out of Ontario, Canada. According to the article, Mika told the children she greets everyone she meets by saying, “Hello. My name is Mika and I am an RT” because not many people know what an RT is or does.

  • Paul Stephan and his colleagues — Leah Carlson, William Winkler, and Tawanda Gross — were congratulated on their recent CoARC RRT Credentialing Success Award in this article on the Santa Fe College website.

  • RT students Jill Feys, Victoria Theobalt, and Shannon Harden have received scholarships from the Respiratory Care Foundation of Texas and the achievements were covered in this article in the Plano, TX, Star Courier. “We are very proud of our scholarship recipients and their dedication to the profession of respiratory care,” their program director, Araceli Solis, was quoted as saying.

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