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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

July 31, 2014

We have another great list of newsmakers to share–

Christy Hall
Christy Hall

Theresa Bramblett
Teresa Branblett

Lori Hurst
Lori Hurst

Denise Rhodes
Denise Rhodes

David Shelledy
David Shelledy

Robert Dutruch
Robert Dutruch

  • Christy Hall talks about sleep problems during menopause in this article and video on the FOX-TV website out of Virginia. “If you’re encountering those symptoms, then you definitely might want to talk to your doctor about that,” she told the reporter.
  • Michael Bissonette explains why he volunteers at a local asthma camp for kids in this article in the Waltham, MA, News Tribune. “Seeing what a great opportunity and success Champ Camp is for these campers keeps me going back every year!” he was quoted as saying.
  • Students and faculty in Chyane Collins’ RT program receive kudos on many fronts in this article in the Hillsboro, OH, Times Gazette.
  • Marianne Jankowski touts the $2 million respiratory therapy training facility for her new bachelor’s degree program in this article in the Palm Beach Post out of Florida. “These facilities need to be seen to be believed,” she was quoted as saying.
  • Theresa Bramblett talks about the South Carolina Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation’s Patient of the Year in this article in the Orangeburg, SC, Times and Democrat. “Vince has adopted and truly lives by these words from the Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis: ‘why observe life from the sidelines when you can again be an active participant,’” she was quoted as saying.
  • Lori Hurst joined one of her colleagues on the Carson Health Cardiology team in teaching basic first aid and life support to a group of high school students recently, and the event was covered in this article in the Ionia, MI, Sentinel-Standard.
  • Ann Allen and Jerry Alewine share some upcoming changes to their RT program in this article in Greenwood Today out of Greenwood, SC. “Respiratory therapy and respiratory therapists have always been very proactive with their profession,” Alewine was quoted as saying. “This is just another example of them being leaders in health care.”

    Gillian, allen alewine
  • Karla Gilliam, Jerry Alewine, and Ann Allen.
  • Marianne Drevna fills her community in on new plans to emphasize play and activities during her upcoming asthma camp for kids in this article on TRIBLIVE.com out of Pennsylvania. “Let’s hit the education hard, reinforce it through the weekend and really let them explore what their limits are,” she was quoted as saying.
  • Denise Rhodes talks about her asthma camp in this article and video on the Independent Mail website out of Anderson, SC. “It’s a free camp for ages 6 to 12,” she was quoted as saying. “They get to come out, do a lot of fun activities, and learn about controlling their asthma.”
  • Leslie Flater is congratulated on becoming the first therapist in her hospital to earn the new ACCS credential from the NBRC in this article in the Eau Claire, WI, Leader Telegram. Leslie has been in the profession for more than 30 years.
  • Molly Schaefer is noted for telling a group of school children what it means to be an RT in this article in the Britt News Tribune out of Iowa. “I take care of people’s lungs, that’s pretty cool,” she was quoted as saying.
  • Dr. David Shelledy’s return to the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio as dean of the School of Health Professions is covered in this article in Bio News Texas. “I look forward to leading the School of Health Professions as it moves into the next stage of development as one of the best allied health schools in the nation,” he was quoted as saying.
  • Mark Noe comments on the use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers to treat certain conditions in soldiers returning from the battlefield in this article in the Bullhead, AZ, Mohave Valley Daily News. “There is some promising research . . . especially for the acute phases of those type of diseases,” he was quoted as saying.
  • Robert Dutruch talks about improvements in joint replacement techniques that led to a quicker recovery when he had to undergo the surgery a few years ago in this article in the New Orleans, LA, Advocate. “I had become so used to the pain that the first time I stood up, the fact it didn’t hurt was amazing,” he was quoted as saying.
  • Al Goldberg is getting ready to run for re-election to his seat on the Fruitland Park City Commission, says this article in the Daily Commercial out of Leesburg, FL. Al was first elected to the commission in 2005 and currently serves as vice-mayor.
And last but not least, St. Catherine’s Hospital is noted for receiving the AARC’s Quality Respiratory Care Recognition in this article in the Garden City, KS, Telegram. “The St. Catherine respiratory therapy team is devoted to providing exceptional care that meets or exceeds national standards and guidelines, and this achievement confirms our commitment to quality outcomes,” hospital president and CEO Scott Taylor was quoted as saying.
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