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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

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May 11 , 2009

We have another long list of newsmakers to share—

Rhonda Reynolds

Stephen Bouffard

Ray Hubble

Jolene Beaber

Gina Menz

Carl Rizzo

  • Rhonda Reynolds comments on the opening of a new cardiac and pulmonary rehab facility at her hospital in this article in the Steuben County, NY, Courier. "Now we have new equipment and plenty of room to accommodate the needs we have here in the community," she was quoted as saying.

  • Stacy Sells is noted as an instructor for an RC program that donated $700 to a local asthma camp in this article in the Des Moines, IA, Register. The donation came from the student-led Respiratory Care Club.

  • Steven Bouffard is cited for heading up a new pulmonary rehab and recovery program in this article in Business West out of Springfield, MA.

  • Jim Thacker receives kudos for embarking on a 90 mile walk to raise funds for breathing equipment in local schools in this article in the Richmond, MO, Daily News.

  • Pam Minkley and John Seymour are featured for their role in helping test “The Biggest Loser” contestants for sleep disorders in this article on the Respironics web site.

  • Ray Hubble, who serves as president of the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists, is quoted in this CSRT press release outlining the role RTs are playing in helping Canada prepare for the swine flu.

  • Phillis Brunner is noted as the contact person for the Respiratory Care Club at her college in this article in the Tyler Junior College Apache Pow Wow.

  • David Moreira comments on a Civil War reenactment he attended recently with his family in this article in the Macon, GA, Telegraph.

  • Melissa Hinman, who is currently studying to be an RT, is the proud mom of three children graduating from college this spring, and another son who will graduate along with his mom in the next couple of years. Her family’s story is featured in this article in the Flint, MI, Journal.

  • Jolene Beaber is noted as the keynote speaker for a local RT program’s pinning ceremony in this article on Hannibal.net out of Hannibal, MO. Stephanie Houser, Bruce Mears, Carrie Miller Purol, Joel Richardson, and Charlotte Winters were honored at the event, which concluded with a ceremonial release of doves.

  • Gina Menz goes on record in support of allowing schoolchildren to have ready access to their asthma inhalers at school in this letter to the editor in the Erie, PA, Times-News. Noting state law allows the practice, she writes, “I encourage all parents with kids who have asthma to talk with their schools about this policy and talk with their child's doctors to see if they think the child can/should carry and self-administer their rescue inhalers.”

  • Carol Ramm comments on the health hazards posed by coal firing plants in her community in this article in the Lawrence, KS, University Daily Kansas.

  • Carl Rizzo shares information about free respiratory screenings in this article in the Idaho Statesman. "The primary reason to have this screening is to rule out airway obstruction caused by asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, or other infections," he was quoted as saying.

  • Alison Prince is noted as an outstanding health science graduate in this article in the Greenwood, SC, Today.

  • Ron Trudel takes center stage in this article in the Craig, CO, Daily Press. The story outlines Ron’s move to the area and his new job as cardiopulmonary manager at a local hospital.  

And here are the latest facilities to garner media coverage for earning the AARC’s Quality Respiratory Care Recognition

  • Bartow Regional Medical Center, Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center, Lake Wales Medical Center, and Winter Haven Hospital in this article in the Lakeland, FL, Ledger.

  • Forrest General in this article in the Hattiesburg, MS, American.

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