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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

July 27, 2009

Members continue to make news all over the country this summer—

Brianna Piper

Gary Harris

Terri Little

Jeff Hughes

Telishia Terry

Maryann Hiteshew

Jay Taylor

Randy Baker

Kitty Hernlen

Lisa Whitehead

Barry Durham


  • Brianna Piper and Terri Little receive kudos for earning the RRT and NPS, respectively, in this article in the Show Low, AZ, White Mountain Independent.

  • Gary Harris comments on rising air pollution levels in his community and the effects they have on ER visits for asthma in this article in the Palm Springs, CA, Desert Sun.

  • Jeff Hughes shares some great news about his department in this article in the Dalton, GA, Daily Citizen. The staff just reached the 100% RRT level. (You can read more about how they accomplished this goal in an upcoming issue of AARC Times.)

  • Telishia Terry goes to bat for the respiratory care program at the University of Central Florida in this article on the Central Florida Future web site. The program is currently facing elimination due to budgetary concerns. “Can we imagine UCF without this program?” Telishia was quoted as asking at a public hearing on the topic. “I have one question for you: Can you imagine your life without air?”

  • Maryann Hiteshew comments on the 25th anniversary of her hospital’s affiliation with Johns Hopkins in this article in the hospital newsletter. When asked what’s changed the most at Bayview Medical Center in the past quarter century, Maryann cited the “total change in culture…resulting in patient safety awareness and service excellence.”

  • Jay Taylor supports an increase in the state cigarette tax in this letter to the editor on InForum.com out of Fargo, ND. The letter was triggered by a state legislator who not only opposes the tax increase, but questions whether secondhand smoke is really dangerous.

  • Dave Fuller is featured for giving up his beard and mustache to raise money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event in this article in the Hendersonville, NC, Blue Ridge Now. Fuller portioned his facial hair into tiny sections, then gathered donations for each section from hospital employees willing to pay to see it shaved off. The event raised $800!

  • Mike Harrison and Bill Jackson comment on their new Camp Ease the Wheeze for kids with asthma in this article on PhillyBlurbs.com out of Philadelphia, PA. Fifteen kids attended the first session. A second session will take place in August.

    RTs counselors, from the left, Bill Jackson, Anita Hinchcliff, Nicole Domasinsky, and Tracy Fuller pose with some of the kids who attended the first session of their asthma camp. (Also participating as RT counselors but not pictured are Doreen Hladczuk, Lenny DeFranco, and Mike Harrison.)

  • Randy Baker and Kitty Hernlen outline their ongoing research on air quality in and around schools and school buses in this article in the Augusta, GA, Chronicle. The two previously conducted a study of the air outside school buses and are now surveying schools about indoor air quality and hope to begin monitoring air inside school buses soon as well.

  • Bill Browne is noted for partnering with a local physician who just made a “Most Influential Doctors” list in this article in the Poughkeepsie, NY, Journal. Bill, who has been offering asthma education classes in conjunction with Dr. Pradeep Sharma since 1972, was quoted as saying, “His heart is very much into asthma and asthma education. He’s a delight to work with.”

  • Lisa Whitehead offers her views on health care reform in this article in the Holmdel, NJ, Independent about a recent visit President Obama made to her town. “I definitely paid attention to the health care bit,” she was quoted as saying. “There are four living generations in my family right now, and to hear about health care in a sense that it would be more accessible to them, and to my children when they are adults, is really important to me.”

  • Barry Durham says he’s looking forward to his new career in RT in this article in the Norfolk, VA, Virginian-Pilot about a new health center building being planned for his college campus. The former auto plant worker will graduate next May.

  • Connie Cooling’s husband Tony is featured for his involvement in the arts in this article in the Muscatine, IA, Journal.

And hospitals continue to rake in coverage for earning the AARC’s Quality Respiratory Care Recognition:

  • Community Health Center of Branch County in this article in the Battle Creek, MI, Enquirer.

  • Columbus Regional Hospital in this article on the WCSI radio station web site out of Columbus, IN.

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