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Instructions for using e-Series

Here is how you sign on and use this system for conducting business with the AARC. The services currently available through this site ( are as follows:

  • Changing your membership record (your address, your email, your demographic information)
  • Buying a product from our store
  • Registering for a meeting or program
  • Paying your dues

These are the basic instructions for signing on.

Current AARC members use their Member Number as the LOGIN. A pre-assigned PASSWORD composed of the Member Number and the member's first and last initials has been given to each member.

This would be a login procedure for fictitious member, Rupert Malloy:

LOGIN: 1234567 (This is his member number)
PASSWORD: 1234567rm (This password was pre-assigned and was composed of his member number and his first and last initials.)

You can look up your member number if they forget it (only if your Social Security Number is on file) by going to:

Member Number Lookup

With the AARC, your information is secure because we use the highest levels of security for all of your transactions. Rest assured, e-commerce with AARC is safe, secure and encrypted.