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Policies and Procedures for List Rental

AARC List Rental
The AARC will send mailings to its active membership. Exact quotes cannot be given without a quantity. Customers can select the AARC list by state, three digit zip code prefixes, job title, or credentials (see Selection Options below).

Requirements for List Rental

  1. A sample of the mailing piece that the customer wishes to mail must be provided (it can be a draft and mock up or PDF) including all components (letters, envelopes, flyers, etc.). Note: the mailing piece sent to AARC members cannot bear an indicia or the indicia must be obscured.
  2. Requests of the zip codes (first three digits only) to which the customer wishes to mail, or the states to which the customer wishes to mail; and/or credentials or job titles.
  3. Upon receipt of the list request, we will provide the customer with a list count which the customer must approve before we continue with the order.
  4. If approved, the customer must provide mailing list rental fee check made out to Daedalus* or credit card; and the required quantity of materials (plus 8% overage of materials for mailings under 2000 pieces and 4% overage for large mailings to accommodate for machine damage).
  5. Only the approved mailing pieces can be mailed. Any item that was not approved in its entirety will not be mailed.
  6. Lists are for one time use only.

Selection Options
In addition to states and zip codes, you may also select your list by:

  • Primary Job Responsibility
    • Technical Director
    • Assistant Technical Director
    • Supervisor
    • Pulmonary Function Specialist
    • Instructor/Educator
    • Rehab/Home Care Therapist
    • Staff Therapist
    • Staff Technician
    • Medical Director
    • Perinatal/Pediatric
    • Sales
    • Student
  • Credentials
    • RRT
    • CRT
    • CPFT
    • RPFT
    • MD
    • CRNA
    • RN
    • LVN/LPN
    • SDS

Selection rate is $15 per thousand names.

NBRC List Rental
In addition to the AARC list, the AARC also rents the NBRC (National Board for Respiratory Care) registry list. The customer can select the NBRC list by state, three digit zip codes, or credentials (see Selection Options below).

The NBRC list is sent in pressure sensitive format (peel and stick). It is not available in digital format and therefore cannot be emailed.

Mailing Rules
Materials mailed to the lists must be consistent with the Association’s goals and policies. The AARC may refuse a list rental order if the mailing is considered inappropriate for the interests of the profession of respiratory care.

Without the express written permission of the AARC, customer shall not:

  1. Purport in any way to represent the AARC or NBRC in any Mailing
  2. Use the AARC’s or NBRC’s name, or any logo, trademark, or trade name associated with AARC or NBRC.

Items That Cannot Be Mailed
The AARC’s policy is to not rent the AARC or NBRC list for the purposes of or to:

  • Research
  • Publishers of other magazines/newsletters
  • For solicitation of membership to societies/associations or subscriptions
  • For the solicitation of products and services that are outside the scope of the mission of the AARC.
  • Meetings and educational conferences that feature exhibits of products and services. (Exception: does not apply to non-profit medical facilities).
  • For the solicitation of programs, products or services that compete with or conflict with programs, products or services that are offered and/or sponsored by the AARC.

The AARC retains absolute right to deny rental of the lists, with or without cause.

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*Daedalus is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the AARC.