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  Current Position Statements

AARC Statement of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Administration of Sedative and Analgesic Medications

Best Practices in Respiratory Care Productivity and Staffing

Competency Requirements for the Provision of Respiratory Therapy Services

Continuing Education

Cultural Diversity

Definition of Respiratory Care

Delivery of Respiratory Therapy Services in Skilled Nursing Facilities Providing Ventilator and/or High Acuity Respiratory Care

Development of Baccalaureate Degrees 2013

Electronic Cigarette

Guidance Document on Scope of Practice

Hazardous Materials Exposure

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Home Respiratory Care Services

Interstate Transport License Exemption

Licensure of Respiratory Care Personnel

Pre-Hospital Ventilator Management Competency

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Respiratory Care Scope of Practice

Respiratory Therapist Education

Respiratory Therapists in the Emergency Department

Respiratory Therapists as Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Specialists

Respiratory Therapy Protocols

Telehealth and Respiratory Therapy

Tobacco and Health

Transport of the Mechanically Ventilated, Critically Injured or Ill, Neonate, Child or Adult Patient

Verbal/Telephone Orders

  Retired Position Statements

Age Appropriate Care of the Respiratory Patient

Clustering of Ancillary Services

Concurrent Therapy

Expanded Practice Education for Respiratory Therapist

Fraudulent Practices in Respiratory Care

Inhaled Medication Administration Schedules

Medical Direction for Respiratory Care Services Provided Outside of the Hospital

Role Model Statement

The Role of the Respiratory Care Practitioner in the Provision of Respiratory Care Services in the Hospitals and Alternate Sites Scope of Practice

Statement of Principles