American Association for Respiratory Care


Closing Ceremony

Anthony DeWitt
Anthony DeWitt

Affordable Care Act:
Putting the Profession on Trial

Anthony L DeWitt JD RRT FAARC,
Jefferson City MO

An indictment of sorts has been handed down and the entire respiratory profession will be put on trial. A department manager, bedside practitioner and a college educator have been accused of negligence, dereliction of duty, failure to supervise, incompetence, and malfeasance. After 25 years in the profession, it will be proven that these three defendants have chosen the path of least resistance—which is to rest on your laurels and fly under the radar. After all, they’ve given up on advancing the science of the profession or in delivering evidence-based care. They define productivity by volume rather than value, and they’ve forgotten that they have an obligation of mentoring students entering the profession.

Come to the trial of the century and hear the experts give testimony about the profession, the opportunities, and the challenges. “Have the defendants done enough over the years to move the profession forward?” “Will evidence-based medicine and protocol-driven care be enough to get the profession where it needs to be?” “Are their actions enough to sustain and grow the profession in the midst of a paradigm shift called the Affordable Care Act?” You’ll have to attend this theatrical, entertaining, and educational closing ceremony to find out! Mr. Dewitt’s closing argument will be one for the ages. It is guaranteed to make you think about where we’re at as a profession and where we need to go, but most importantly, it will make you proud to be a Respiratory Therapist!

At the conclusion of this presentation, someone will walk away with $5,000! Three cash prizes will be given away to those in attendance…one $500 cash prize, one $2,000 cash prize and one $5,000 cash prize! Attendees must be present to win.