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Recognition Guidelines for Quality International Respiratory Care Education

Welcome to the site for quality international Respiratory Care education programs.

The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) recognizes quality Respiratory Care education that meets or exceeds these guidelines approved by the International Council for Respiratory Care.

The Guidelines will be used to recognize quality education designed to produce respiratory care practitioners who provide respiratory care to patients all over the world. The recognition Guidelines reflect contemporary education accreditation best practices and are used to determine if an education experience warrants one of the three levels of recognition granted by the International Education Recognition System (IERS) of the AARC.

IERS Recognized education programs will be authorized to promote and market their program using the AARC, ICRC, and IERS combined logo pictured below. The logo may be used on program brochures, marketing materials and web sites.


Prior to use of the logo program sponsors must submit materials for approval showing how the logo will be placed on brochures, marketing materials & web sites.

Application for IERS RECOGNITION must be submitted not less than sixty (60) days prior to program start date. Timely submission is required and may occur as early as one (1) year in advance of the program.

Programs Receiving IERS Recognition

Levels Of Recognition

The three levels of recognition granted to educational experiences intended to improve the education provided to health care professionals who deliver respiratory/pulmonary care around the world are as follows:

Seminar Recognition (Level I): US$200.00—Pay Now
Granted to educational non-repeating (content) RC seminars of any length. Recognized RC Seminars have met or exceeded the guidelines for quality seminars that teach different content each time they are offered, as set forth in these Recognition System Guidelines.
Program Recognition (Level II): US$325.00—Pay Now
Granted to RC educational repeating programs, longer than one day in duration, and repeat the same focused skill/competency training each time the program is offered. The program is designed to teach the same content/skill set each time the program is delivered. Recognized RC programs have met or exceeded the guidelines for quality programs that teach similar RC skills each time they are offered, as set forth in these Recognition System Guidelines.
School Recognition (Level III): US$1000.00—Pay Now
Granted to educational programs that meet level III school recognition guidelines. For IERS recognition of RC educational schools, a school is longer than one year in duration and designed to grant a degree in respiratory care at the bachelor’s degree level or higher from a recognized, university, in the host country. RC schools must set local evidence-based outcome measures for (graduate) outcome performance. Recognized Schools must meet or exceed the guidelines for a quality educational experience that produces graduate RC practitioners who will be providing RC at the bedside anywhere in the world, as set forth in the these Recognition System Guidelines. Graduation from these schools may be approved by the country’s credentialing and/or licensure system for RC practice in the hospital, ICUs, and other settings where patients receive respiratory care.

IERS approval is granted to a resident sponsor of a RC educational activity for the one country in which the RC education is delivered and from which the application is submitted. It is not possible at this time to award IERS approval for multi-country applications.

These Guidelines were developed in cooperation with international educators and clinicians and were approved by the INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL FOR RESPIRATORY CARE.