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AARC Congress 2014 Gazette for Monday, Dec. 8

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New Exhibit Hall Website Helps You Navigate Better


The AARC has invested in new technology to better connect Congress attendees with our meeting and exhibitors. The new design will allow for a more engaging, productive meeting experience. Accessing the new website will allow attendees to do the following:

  • Access an Exhibitor List: Search the exhibitor list by keyword or category. View exhibitor’s eBooths for complete company and product details. Add the exhibitors you want to visit on your favorites list in your own personalized Expo Plan.
  • Interactive Floor Plan: Search the exhibitor list by keyword or category. See your search result on the map and tag your favorites for visiting onsite. Click on exhibitors’ booths for complete company and product details.
  • My Planner: Login and save your “My Expo Plan” entries so they are accessible on other devices in real-time. Make updates to your plan from any screen or device.
  • Product Search: Attendees can search for companies offering a specific product by utilizing advanced search functionality. Enter a key word or select from a comprehensive product list.
  • Show Specials: Most exhibitors will offer show specials exclusively for AARC Congress 2014 attendees…savings which could pay for your trip to Las Vegas!

Visit the Exhibit Hall site.

Pre-courses Cover All the Bases


AARC Congress 2014 may not officially get underway until tomorrow morning, but Congress attendees who came in a day early are already learning more about the latest thinking in respiratory care during five pre-courses going on today:

  • Preparing for a Pandemic: The Strategic National Stockpile — Mechanical Ventilation Workshop: Attendees at this session are getting an up-close and personal look at the mechanical ventilators they may be called upon to use in the event of a pandemic event. This hands-on experience with the three stockpiled vents will prove invaluable should you be required to care for patients in a fast-moving and chaotic situation.
  • Current Practice of Mechanical Ventilation: A Case-Based Audience Interactive Session: The approach we take to mechanical ventilation can significantly affect patient outcomes. This course is covering all the current best practices, with important points emphasized using a case-based audience interactive approach.
  • Pulmonary Function Testing: The four major areas of testing are being covered here, with an eye toward helping both seasoned pulmonary function RTs and those who only infrequently perform these tests better understand how to obtain accurate test results and why accurate results are vital to patient care.
  • ECMO: A Comprehensive Approach for Pediatric and Adult Practitioners: Both pediatric and adult populations are increasingly benefiting from ECMO, and this state-of-the art, interactive course is providing a better understanding of this life-saving approach to refractory respiratory and/or cardiac failure for all who attend.
  • Sleep & Wellness 2014: The latest information on sleep testing and diagnosis is being presented in this course aimed at both the respiratory therapist and sleep technologist working in the sleep clinic.

All of the Congress pre-courses are approved for CRCE.

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