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Exhibitor Prospectus

Top 10 Reasons to Exhibit

The AARC Exhibit Hall provides a unique extension of the attendee’s educational experience as they review the products and services for this specialty. Exhibit space entitles you to many benefits and services.

Quality Leads

More decision makers attend the AARC Congress than any other meeting in the industry. These are the leads you want! These are the leads you keep!

Unparalleled Networking Opportunity

Everyone who’s anyone will be there. With a three-day exhibit, the AARC Congress offers virtually unlimited opportunity to re-establish old contacts and generate new ones. Where else can you network with so many industry-specific professionals at one time?


As the “gold standard” of respiratory care meetings, the AARC Congress, now in its 57th year, is the best attended respiratory care meeting in the world. Attendees consist of everyone from manufacturing company executives (your competition) to technicians and specialists (the users). Where else can you reach this level of diversity within this industry at one time?

International Appeal

For exhibitors with international aspirations, the AARC Congress captures that audience. The Congress continues to generate foreign registrations. Participants from all countries were extremely pleased with their decision to attend and said they would recommend the AARC Congress to their colleagues with an intention to return again.

Make a Deal

The American Association for Respiratory Care exhibit programs educate attendees by providing information, services and products, and presenting industry trends pertinent to the field of respiratory care interest. Therefore, taking orders and selling exhibited products is permitted.

Product Demonstrations

Within the AARC Congress, exhibitors are free to demonstrate their latest products and services. Demonstration of products and services add the element of interactivity that connects the prospect to your future.

Future Trends

Not only are new products introduced, but how they are demonstrated molds the shape of things to come. This aspect of the AARC Congress, by itself, is strong enough to indicate whether your company is keeping pace with your competitors. Where else can you track the future of the industry and make an immediate comparison of your company to theirs?


What other meeting gives you the opportunity to go head-to-head with your competition within this industry?

Bottom Line

There is no other convention that specifically targets this industry. If you want name recognition in this industry, you must exhibit at this show. It is the single-most cost-effective means by which to generate visibility and income-producing leads for your company.


Tampa, Florida! Come explore the sights and sounds of Tampa and get a taste of the city!


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